Longrich Green Tea

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  • Effective for weight loss by increasing metabolism
  • Anti-depressant; provides a relaxing and tranquilizing effect
  • Treats piles, jaundice, urinary track infection and kidney disorder
  • Brown tea can help shrink fibroid, burn unhealthy cholesterol (LDL’s) which contribute to fibroid growth
  • Anti-diabetes; helps to regulate glucose levels showing the rise in blood sugar after eating, this can prevent high insulin spikes and take care of heart diseases

Longrich Green Tea works to solve many health issues; including jaundice, piles, urinary disorder, kidney disorder, anti congestive, liver and gall bladder and many more.

The benefits of Longrich Green Tea for the skin is mainly to help rejuvenate the skin; because green tea is rich in antioxidants that fight cell aging.

In addition to this, the Green Tea helps moisturize the skin giving it a brighter and healthier appearance.

Protects the body’s cells, being rich in antioxidants

Delays cell aging, thanks to its high content of antioxidants that fight the main free radicals that cause cell aging

It helps regulate cholesterol levels, mainly of bad LDL cholesterol

Prevents heart disease by inhibiting the formation of blood clots. It decreasing the risk of thrombosis and in turn the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Has caffeine, it helps increase concentration so it should be taken preferably in the morning.

Helps regulate sugar levels, so it is a good option both to prevent diabetes and for those who already have it.

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