Longrich Moisturizing Hand Cream


  • Absorbs into the skin very easily and prevents wrinkles
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin to aid skin healing
  • Keeps the hands smooth, tender and highly resilient
  • Reverses premature aging and prevents skin cancer
  • Used as a hand sanitizer

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Longrich Moisturizing Hand Cream has a nice fragrance and keeps palms supple. It treats allergic reactions caused by chemicals from other substances. Longrich hand cream is excellent for sensitive skin and absorbs deep into the skin.

Longrich moisturizing hand cream is a rich luxurious moisturizer with herbal extracts, silk protein, and vitamin A, C and E.  It nourishes, soothes and hydrates dry skin and won’t leave a greasy feeling behind.

Our herbal moisturizing hand cream has healing properties. It maintains skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles, heals dry fingernails, lightens dark spots and scars.

Longrich hand cream rescues your skin from dullness and dryness. It makes your skin brightened, tender, smooth and supple. Longrich Moisturizing Hand Cream reverses premature aging, treats sunburns, stretch marks and other skin disorders such as eczema.

There’s no need to deal with painful, poorly treated eczema when this cream is available. Your hands tell a lot about you. A handshake with nice moisturized palms goes a long way . Do you know your hands age as fast as your face does? When we neglect our hands we leave them open to wrinkles dehydration and pigmentation. Treat your hands to the gift of healthy skin with Longrich Herbal hand cream.

We are one of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the world, with a presence in over 100 countries. We’ve been around for over 30 years, making beauty and anti-aging products that deliver what we promise – because we’re a company you can trust.






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