Longrich SOD Body Cream


  • Skin moisturizing treatment cream
  • Perfect for sensitive and dry skin
  • Suitable for infant diaper rash
  • Suitable for atopic dermatitis treatment
  • Eliminates scars and stretch marks with repetitive use
  • Effective treatment for dull, dry and cracky skin and cracked heels
  • Contains placenta essence which gives a radiant and vigorously youthful skin

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Longrich SOD Body Cream with sheep placenta is a moisturizing cream to provide relief for skin irritations caused by dryness, itchiness and flaking. SOD’s natural and effective anti-aging treatment nourishes and balances your skin’s moisture level to provide multiple skincare benefits. SOD eliminates pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, pores and other skin imperfections. Longrich SOD Cream’s anti-aging property quickly improves skin texture and provides nutrition for your skin.  SOD Body Cream is a chemical-free skincare product that you can use to naturally remove sun damage, aging, discolorations, dark spots and any other skin imperfections. This cream is 100% safe and effective without side effects. It also has many other skincare benefits that you can use to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Longrich SOD body cream removes stretch marks, pimples, dark spots, pregnancy scars etc from the skin. It helps to achieve smooth and tender skin texture and is good for both light & dark skin.
SOD penetrates into the skin and helps to improve damaged skin. It is a moisturizer that prevents water and moisture loss in the skin and makes the skin smooth with no tightness.
SOD makes your skin healthier and easily absorbed by the skin to help to repair scathed or bleaching skin. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients for a healthy skin. SOD treats atopic dermatitis because of the glycerine content it contains.

Longrich SOD body cream’s deep maintenance makes the skin keep rich lipid, prevent the skin coarse and aging wrinkles, make skin smooth and tender, white and radiant youthful vitality. SOD cream protects the skin against irritation and provides a significant improvement to regenerate skin.

SOD contains ingredients like alpha-arbutin, collagen, cucumber seed extract, vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil and natural extracts.to reduce stretch marks. It also contains placenta essence, SOD, and Vitamin E etc and protects your skin from wrinkles, sagging, aging.

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