Longrich Antiperspirant Dew


  • Antiperspirant Deodorant: Contains an effective antiperspirant cooling factor which can effectively reduce underarm sweat and eliminates sweat odor.
  • Mild Stimulation: PH value skin-friendly formula, gentle with no residue, quick-drying, non-sticky for all types of skin.
  • Relaxing Fragrance: Fresh and elegant, floral and fruity. Helps you feel comfortable throughout the day, fragrant and full of self-confidence.
  • Easy to use: Compact, ball-type shape, just open the bottle, gently roll the bulk of the ball under the arm, and you can get a cool and pleasant fragrance.

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Longrich Antiperspirant Dew has a rolling ball design that is easy to use and carry.

It enables heat to excrete without side effect due to free chemical content and nice fragrance. Quick drying, non sticky and anti-stain and prevents odor and keeps you fresh.

Removes dark underarm patches and prevents under the armpit itching. Pleasant and comfortable feel all day long.

Longrich Antiperspirant Dew is made of skin-friendly formulation, suitable for all skin types. Does not cause cancer.

With its nice fragrance, Longrich antiperspirant roll on removes odour and keep you fresh, making you feel pleasant and confident all day.

This product is very effective in preventing itching under the armpit, enabling heat to excrete without side effect due to chemical content with a nice fragrance which removes odor, keeps you fresh, pleasant and confident the whole day.

Be confident in yourself with this refreshing and airy fragrance that will make everything feel possible! Use Longrich Antiperspirant roll on to avoid embarrassing moments from underarm sweat. It keeps you fresh and confident for 24hours keeping you active to keep up with the daily hustle of life.


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